What was it like?

Across the castle, on the other side of the river is a bike path.

It always been a dream of mine to live in Europe, to learn another language, and to experience a different way of living. God has allowed me  to fulfill that dream in moving to Poděbrady, Czech Republic. In my small mind (compared to God’s infinite mind), I could never imagine actually moving to a different country.

The other day, I walked to the River Elbe and and sat across from Poděbrady Castle. As I tried to studied Czech numbers, my mind began to wonder, trying to imagine what life would have been like when the castle was first built in the second half of the 13th century. The cobble-stone and paved streets I walked today were probably  dirt roads with horses and wagons instead of cars and bicycles. The lifestyle of the people would have been so different too: their clothes, hobbies and occupations. It’s amazing to think that one city has remained throughout so much history.

What great opportunities are now before me? I have yet to discover each one.

Bye for Now




5 thoughts on “What was it like?

  1. Hi Lisa Lou! I was so excited to get this connection to you and love hearing about your days. I am so very proud of you – good luck with your language lessons – a brave soul you are!
    Love you, Auntie B

  2. It’s so great to finally see this blog started…can’t wait to read more. Lisa, you have such an artistic mind…it’s beautiful! ❤

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