Communcation: essential

Here are a few words in the Czech Language.

Last week, some of my Czech friends were sitting on the couch in my flat, and they were laughing and talking in Czech. I would catch a word or phrase, but not enough to understand what they were talking about. They were laughing and talking just as any American would do. Language is a necessity in life.

Starting Czech lessons is very exciting. My teacher speaks mainly in Czech, and if I don’t understand she says it in English. Czech is a fascinating language. There are do many ways to form words.  Unlike any other language I’ve studied (Spanish and English the only two really) or even learned a smidgen about, each adjective, noun, and even a person’s name changes depending on the case of the sentence. It amazes me that even its native speakers can learn it.

Czech shows the amazing complexity of the brain. God has truly created so much to reflect Himself and His nature. He is beyond our comprehension. He has created every language in the world, and He is more fluent in each language than a linguist devoted to a life of study.

Oh Father! You have created language to communicate to you and to each other. Help me learn by Your wisdom.


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