Thor: Temný svět ( The Dark World)

Friday night, I was so excited to watch Thor 2 at the Poděbrady Kino (movie theatre). The cinema is in the castle. About three or four weeks ago, I had seen on the movie listing on the caste billboard, set to show November 14th and 15th at 19:00. November 15th,  I walked into the threatre and bought my ticket. It was even in 3D! Along with the ticket, I got the special 3D  glasses, but these were very heavy duty and durable unlike the glasses I  get at Regal in the US. And it was 1/4 of the price of Regal too.  So I sat down in the Theatre, so excited. The movie theatre  had velour stadium seats (only about ten rows). Each ticket had a seat and row number to sit in; I’ve never been in a movie theatre that has  assigned seating. But, why not?20131115_185332

The previews started in English with Czech subtitles. After about three previews, the movie starts in Czech! The sign had said it would have Czech subtitles, not dubbed in Czech! Haha, as I watched the movie, I could only catch some sentences. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in English, so I will really understand what is happening. The first Thor is on Netflix, so I hope the second one is put on soon.

Even though I didn’t understand the dialouge, I could get the basic plot line of the movie from watching it. The special effects were great to watch,  and I think there was humor in it. The audience was laughing quite a bit.