Sucess at Poděbrady Kino

Tonight, I went to the Poděbrady movie theatre again. This time was much different from the last experience.

  1. I went with four friends. Two of those friends are my  new teammates,  Bobby and Shannon, who  are also living her in  Poděbrady for two years.
  2. The movie, “Saving Mr. Banks” was in English! Yahoo!
  3. I asked for the tickets Czech (one of my new year goals is when speaking in Czech, say a complete thought or sentence).

“Saving Mr. Banks” is brilliant. I love to see movies that can inspire and tell a true story. It is often the stories of someone who has come out of great hardship and risen to their dream that really hits the note in our lives. I am so grateful that Walt Disney, the man who was told he” lacked imagination and had no good ideas,” kept pursuing what he wanted to achieve.

We should never let our failures stop us from seeking what gives us joy or a feeling of purpose. One of the many motto’s I have in life was said by  Abraham Lincoln:

Failure is the best teacher.

I know in my life, God continually helps me to become who He has made me to be through  my failures. It is not always butterflies and daises; but, when we endure it is well worth the effort and sweat.


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