Resurrection Day is come!

Each year as I know God more, Easter becomes more and more rich. This past  Holy Thursday, Good Friday (0r Velký Pátek -Big Friday as the Czechs call it) , Holy Saturday, and this blessed Resurrection Day has filled my soul with such hope.

Thursday, I slept much of the day because I’ve had a terrible cold/flu. The night before I was so frustrated. I tried to pray to God expressing my frustration and anger for not being able to put my whole self into ministry, as this was about my third cold this year (and the worst). I started coughing and coughing as I was praying. I cried out, “God, I can’t even pray with out coughing.”  I tell this not for my own glory but to tell of God’s mighty deliverance from our infirmities. Wednesday and Thursday night, I slept very soundly, more soundly than I have slept the past few weeks. God truly is our deliver.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I watched three different film versions of the life of Christ. First, I watched “The Jesus Film.” I had never seen the movie in its entirety. My favorite part is Jesus telling a parable to the little children. I was reminded of His perfect fatherly love for us ALL: teaching and loving us.

Thursday and Friday, as I lay in bed exhausted with my cold, I watched “Jesus of  Nazareth,”  a six hour film about Jesus’ life.  My mother, sister, and I had always watched  it when I was a child. I had forgotten much of this interpretation.  I loved being able to see such a through portrayal of our Savior’s life. It allows the audience to see many sides to the story from different men and woman within the story. One part my mother and I truly love is when Mary Magdalene tells the disciples that Jesus has risen. In ancient culture women were seen as lower class, non-citizens. Jesus chose to reveal Himself to one who was thought unimportant in society. This gives me great hope as it shows God seeks to love and know all of us, even those who are not loved or valued by humankind.  This ten minute clip portrays so well the third day of Christ’s death-the day of his resurrection.

After finishing “Jesus of Nazareth,” I watched “The Passion of Christ.” I had not seen it since it was released in theatres. My mom, sister, and I had seen it then. In anticipation of watching it again, I expected to be weeping as I had the first time I saw it. I did cry, and cough, and sneeze, and cough. As I watched it, I wanted to cry more as it portrayed the horrendous death  my  Savior should have suffered. I felt guilty for not shedding many tears. I will never forget  hearing God’s beautiful whisper in my mind as I watched it, “Do not weep My beloved, your days to mourn are over. I have conquered the world for you. I have risen!”

The part that stays in my memory of “The Passion” is the following clip. Mary, Jesus’ mother, sees Him fall while attempting to carry the cross. Wow! What amazing words He tells her despite His great suffering. Jesus still preached about His Father’s truth even when in excruciating agony.

God used this time of sickness to get my attention about His love and mighty gift. How great the Father’s love for us;  how wonderful is the example that Christ gave to us of obedience and love.

I can never thank my God enough! Yet, by following His example, and giving Him my life,  I can tell as many people as I can about the truly spectacular gift. I can live  a life of thanks to Him.

I thank my God that He allowed me to suffer, just a little, on Good Friday( by coughing and coughing and shivering). I could share in His suffering.

He makes all things new!

Below is a song written about the passion of Christ and how he fulfilled His father’s will, securing our salvation. He has risen!!

Caution!!! The clip below shows gory images of the crucifixion.