Sucess at Poděbrady Kino

Tonight, I went to the Poděbrady movie theatre again. This time was much different from the last experience.

  1. I went with four friends. Two of those friends are my  new teammates,  Bobby and Shannon, who  are also living her in  Poděbrady for two years.
  2. The movie, “Saving Mr. Banks” was in English! Yahoo!
  3. I asked for the tickets Czech (one of my new year goals is when speaking in Czech, say a complete thought or sentence).

“Saving Mr. Banks” is brilliant. I love to see movies that can inspire and tell a true story. It is often the stories of someone who has come out of great hardship and risen to their dream that really hits the note in our lives. I am so grateful that Walt Disney, the man who was told he” lacked imagination and had no good ideas,” kept pursuing what he wanted to achieve.

We should never let our failures stop us from seeking what gives us joy or a feeling of purpose. One of the many motto’s I have in life was said by  Abraham Lincoln:

Failure is the best teacher.

I know in my life, God continually helps me to become who He has made me to be through  my failures. It is not always butterflies and daises; but, when we endure it is well worth the effort and sweat.


Jedi Knight gets affordable health care

Towards the end of November, the Podebrady Orthopedic saw me three times in two weeks. I would say, both occasions were injuries resulting from my own clumsiness. : )

After Youth Hangout, a few of us were playing a Star Wars game on Xbox Kinect. In this game, you are acting as a Jedi. Playing the game requires you to wave your hand around in swiping motions (as if using a light saber), you also need to jump and duck down to avoid obstacles in the game. It fascinates me how a a video game can be so interactive; I remember Sega and Play Station. hehe Back to the story at hand, unbeknownst to myself, to my right was one of the ceramic-top tables we for the events. As I was swinging my “light saber,”  I whacked my hand on the table. It really hurt at first, but I kept playing. I was fulfilling one of my childhood dreams in being a Jedi Knight.

I thought nothing of it that night. But the next day, it was too painful  to move my hand. It continued to hurt for the next few days even though I tried to wrap it to stop using it, which was near impossible because I am right-handed. On Monday, I went to the orthopedic doctor that Tomas told me about. I walked to the Doctor’s office across from the post office, signed my name on the sign in sheet (trying to use my left-hand) and waited my turn. The doctor’s office was on the first floor at the back of a long hallway. The waiting room consisted of about 15 chairs for patients to sit, and the doctor’s door (dark window-less door) was locked until you were called to come.

When called to see the doctor, he requested an x-ray to ensure my hand wasn’t broken. I went down the hall to the radiologists. I gave the woman the scrip, t and I payed less than $20 dollars for an x-ray! It is far more expensive in the USA. After receiving the x-ray, I went back to the osteopathic physician to give him the x-rays. Praise the Lord my hand wasn’t broken. : ) The total bill for seeing the doctor and getting an x-ray was half the price of a seeing a specialist in the US.

The day after my hand was finally healed, I was walking at night to a friends house. The pavement/cobblestone sidewalks are very uneven here. I stepped down off the curb to cross the street, and I felt the familiar pain of spraining my ankle. I felt a sudden popping and piercing pain (this was the fourth of fifth time I sprained my ankle). It was quite sore the rest of the night, and I was hobbling around on Sunday. Monday morning, I went to the same doctor.

After waiting about an hour, the doctor called me into his office yet again. He asked me if my hand still hurt, it had been the previous Monday I came to see him. His instructions were to return Monday  if my hand was still sore. When sitting in his office, I said my hand is fine, but I sprained my ankle on Saturday. Again I was going for an x-ray and showing the doctor the x-ray pictures. The doctor instructed me not to walk on my foot for a few days.  I asked for some crutches so I could keep my wait off the ankle. I tried to explain about underarm crutches, but without success  I got elbow crutches. American crutches vs. Elbow crutches

When I left the doctor’s office, I felt so so wobbly on those crutches. It hurt more to use the crutches than to put all my weight on the ankle. I was walking on my toe. The next day, I went back to the doctor’s office and when the nurse came out to call a patient, I showed her a picture of “American” crutches, as they are called in Europe. So I was able to hobble out of the office and keep my weight off my ankle.

Praise the Lord the ankle was better by Friday. I was blessed to walk crutch-free at the Vienna Christmas Markets trip with my friends.

Thor: Temný svět ( The Dark World)

Friday night, I was so excited to watch Thor 2 at the Poděbrady Kino (movie theatre). The cinema is in the castle. About three or four weeks ago, I had seen on the movie listing on the caste billboard, set to show November 14th and 15th at 19:00. November 15th,  I walked into the threatre and bought my ticket. It was even in 3D! Along with the ticket, I got the special 3D  glasses, but these were very heavy duty and durable unlike the glasses I  get at Regal in the US. And it was 1/4 of the price of Regal too.  So I sat down in the Theatre, so excited. The movie theatre  had velour stadium seats (only about ten rows). Each ticket had a seat and row number to sit in; I’ve never been in a movie theatre that has  assigned seating. But, why not?20131115_185332

The previews started in English with Czech subtitles. After about three previews, the movie starts in Czech! The sign had said it would have Czech subtitles, not dubbed in Czech! Haha, as I watched the movie, I could only catch some sentences. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in English, so I will really understand what is happening. The first Thor is on Netflix, so I hope the second one is put on soon.

Even though I didn’t understand the dialouge, I could get the basic plot line of the movie from watching it. The special effects were great to watch,  and I think there was humor in it. The audience was laughing quite a bit.


Bake Sale Queen Humbled

Last week, I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for the Bible study my roommate and I host. It was also my roommates birthday on Thursday,  so I wanted  make her an apple pie.

I found an apple pie  and cookie recipe online. After writing down all the ingredients, I Google translated everything so I could buy them at the grocery store.  I went to Albert and searched all over the store for the ingredients constantly checking my bilingual list.  However, I couldn’t find shortening or a pie dish.  I found most of the ingredients though. I even went to the Korean store (a mini department store) near King George Square. I found a light wood rolling pin and a cookie sheet. With all the ingredients in tow,  I came back to the flat and started to get the ingredients together. I looked for measuring cups in the drawer of our flat, but I realized  I should have brought some from Buffalo (a week later I still haven’t found a set in any store). I ended up using  a liquid measuring cup for dry ingredients. I was getting so nervous thinking these cookies will taste terribly. To make the baking project even more crazy,  I realized I forgot to buy white sugar. I dashed to the store, but I  couldn’t figure out what sugar to get: Krystal or Pastel sugar, and with time racing I grabbed the Pastel sugar. I dashed back to my flat.  The chocolate I crushed up to put in the dough made Hershey taste like Godiva. I kept praying they would taste delicious. I finally got all the ingredients mixed, even though it may not have been exactly to the book. I put a batch on the cookie sheet I had bought. But, it didn’t fit into the small European oven. Praise the Lord Anetka had bought a small sheet pan, so I transferred the cookies to the smaller pan.


First cookie batch

Twenty-five minutes later (instead of the usual 8-10 minutes), I took out the first batch of cookies. They looked more dense than other cookies I’ve made. It must have been  the powered sugar (pastel) that I used instead of the granulated (Krystal) sugar. After sampling one if the cookies, I thought it tasted nasty.

Anetka came back from work and I she gladly tried one of them She loved it! The best part of baking that day was wearing the apron my Mom and I  got at Delish Cooking school in downtown Buffalo. I wore my pearls while baking too, check that  off the bucket list (wearing pearls while cooking or baking).

When the girls came for the Bible study, by the end of the night they  ate all but one of the 4 dozen cookies!! They loved them, a lot.

When I made the apple pie on Friday to celebrate Anetka’s B-day I still hadn’t found shortening to make the pie crust. I used butter instead, hoping it would work. After pealing and cutting all the apples, it didn’t fit into the pan very well (I had found a small tin pie pan). I put a the same sheet pan I used for the cookies, and  put the pan underneath the pie dish in case the apple juice sizzled out. When it was finished, it looked and smelled delicious. After Tomas and Misha came to our flat to celebrate. I served the pie to my friends. Anetka and Misha had two slices. I thought, oh I need to try this again. It isn’t what it should taste like, but it is delicious.

This adventure taught me, be careful, Lisa, even if you think you’ve become a baking diva, you can always learn more. The two baking days were their own adventure in themselves. We will leave perfecting to another day.